Algeria Production Facility

In our facility, which serves on an area of 23,500 m2, production is carried out for the North African Market. The entire production process is carried out in our fully automated facility, from the product entry to the final product. With a wide range of products and colors, all the needs of the industry are met under one roof.



In the recycling department of our Erdoor Algeria production facility, 1000 tons of material are recycled per month and all of them are recycled, and 1000 sets of composite door components are produced daily.

In our Algeria facility, recycling is provided with a capacity of 1000 tons. All of the capacity in our Algeria facility is used in door components in Algeria. Thus, recycled materials are gained as input to production.
Plastic scrap is brought from the local market in Algeria and from Libya. These incoming scraps are crushed and ground into powder and brought to the composite production unit, which is the other unit of the enterprise.

The materials prepared in the recycling section are brought to the mixer section and the raw material preparation stage of the composite material begins with the addition of sawdust and additives to the mixer machine in certain proportions. The mixer division produces 50 tons of raw materials per day and 1300 tons of raw materials monthly.



Our Algeria-based Composite Production Facility, which caters to the North African market, has a monthly processing capacity of 1000 tons. In our facility, door components, building materials and composite profiles are produced for different sectors and 0.5 and 1 mm. PVC sheet production is also carried out.

Composite products are obtained from the extrusion system of the raw material obtained by the combination of wood sawdust dried with PVC and dehumidified. The raw material used in the extrusion method becomes paste with the effect of high temperature and pressure and takes the desired product shape thanks to the mold attached to the mouth of the extruder machine. With the Erdoor brand, 2000 plates are produced daily in Algeria.



Semi-finished products from the composite profile and plate production unit are used in the door production unit to produce 1000 sets of doors on a daily basis. Melamine doors are also produced in our Algerian production facility, and melamine doors are mainly sold to mass housing projects in large numbers in accordance with the tender agreement of Social Housing in Algeria. Therefore, our products are seen as internationally recommended products.



Ergunbas Group produces high gloss panels and MDF panels for all kinds of furniture surfaces, under the brand name Ergunbas Panel, in its production facility established on an area of 23,500 m2 in Algeria, and exports to Africa as well as Algeria.



Ergunbas Group, known for its products in the building materials sector, produces drip and sprinkler irrigation pipes and fittings to meet the needs of the agricultural sector with its state-of-the-art machinery under the brand of Ergunbas Pipe. Acting with the awareness of protecting our natural resource water and being sensitive to the environment, Ergunbas Pipe continues its services in the African and Middle Eastern markets as well as Algeria.